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Real Cause of Eczema Atopic Dermatitis

You will not Find the Answer to this Question. WHY. 99% of the Article will educated you that there is no particular reason for eczema or skin issue. what they are saying. It just happens for no reason. "WOW, what a Great education and research" by top 10 Billionaire pharma companies. they only wanna sell you Lie and NOT TO provide cure, You know why "A CEO of a pharma company said " A Patient Cure > A Customer Lost" BUT if you see a naturopath or Homeopathic Dr, they can provide a COMPLETE Cure, WHY and HOW ? they know all Disease/issues start from GUT, called Leakgy GUT. What they do is to treat your digestion and ALL issue will vanish. Most likely you will not believe in it, UNTIL you do take care of your Digestion. The Food we are eating Now it nothing but garbage. Once you start eating healthy you life will change, your Health will progress. and you Will stay from Dr.

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Why Dermatologist can't Cure eczema

Simple Answer. they Do not believe that Diet and GUT relationship. their education has never mentioned the value of Diet and Gut disease - They do not believe that skin issue are GUT related. and ONL

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This is true. I’ve dealt with scalp psoriasis for most of my life and the only thing that helps is diet and exercise… specifically… sweating…

Only eat whole real food that have 1 ingredient. Like meat or raw dairy or vegetable u can even eat a potato but anything in a bag or can or bottle that has more than 1 ingredient on the packaging…. Don’t eat it. When u go out to eat not much u can do and this is why I buy eczemaout cream. When I do mess up with my diet my scalp suffers and this cream really helps ease the itching and burning and scales. When I need to use it then it remind…

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